The Technology Found in the New Ford Mustangs

The Mustang remains one of the most popular muscle cars of all time. The models arriving in Norwalk are filled with technological features designed to add to your driving pleasure while making the car safer.

On the driver's cockpit, you have the chance to customize the gauge layout and color. Use the Ford apps to constantly monitor the Mustang's performance metrics on the instrument panel. The 12-inch digital display also lets you select your favorite driving mode. The options are also stored for each driver.

For better overall sound quality, have the premium system installed that comes with 12 speakers and a CD player. For enhanced safety, options include obstacle detection, lane deviation warnings, adaptive cruise control, and an emergency braking system. You have to see the new Ford Mustangs at Don Tester Ford-Lincoln Inc to appreciate all of the amenities and features. Dare to test drive a Mustang today.

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