Ford's Fusion Hybrid Is Stylish

At Don Tester Ford-Lincoln Inc here in Norwalk, OH, we can help you save fuel while driving a well-styled automobile. Ford's Fusion Hybrid is a popular sedan that averages over 40 MPG in cities and on highways. In addition to its above-average gas mileage numbers, we think you will appreciate its unique design.

Ford built the Fusion Hybrid to resemble a gas-only car. After all, only you need to know what type of engine sits behind your Fusion's grille. That grille features Fusion's fire-bar setup. Adorned in chrome, this hybrid's nose conveys confidence on straightaways, curvaceous roads and anywhere you drive.

Beyond the grille, you will notice Ford Fusion Hybrid's body-color bumpers, side mirrors and door handles. These touches feature Fusion's wind-tunnel tested lines that simultaneously save gasoline and turn heads. While making Fusion Hybrid's bumpers match the sedan's exterior paint, Ford maintained the parts' safety standards. Likewise, the model's mirrors kept their range of important functions while matching Fusion Hybrid's style.

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