The 2018 Ford Super Duty is Engineered for Toughness

The 2018 Ford Super Duty is a tough and popular heavy-duty pickup truck. The 2018 Super Duty is specifically engineered to survive and even thrive under extreme conditions that would thwart other vehicles. Helpful in this capability are the 2018 Super Duty brakes, exacting pre-testing, and battle-tested components.

The engineering experts at Ford subject Super Duty test beds to a battery of well over 12-million miles of platform testing. Over the course of the testing regimen, the 2018 Ford Super Duty is examined for stiffness and structural integrity. Engineers immerse the vehicle in corrosive liquids and even use worn parts during testing in order to gauge component toughness. Plus, the motor, transmission, and suspension systems undergo drive testing equivalent to traveling 500-miles up a 6-degree grade.

Also tested for durability and toughness are the Ford Super Duty brakes. The Super Duty braking system includes 4 specially designed disc brakes. These highly rated brakes provide the extra stopping force necessary to bring the vehicle, and the heavy loads that it hauls, to safe and secure stops.

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